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Can I buy Supervisa Insurance if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Supervisa Insurance is meant for parents and Grandparents. as we grow in age, we get diagnosed with some medical conditions.

Few medical conditions are commonly found in every household. If your parents have one of them, that doesn’t mean they can’t visit you in Canada under the Supervisa program. Be extra careful and plan their trip. pre-existing conditions meant as below Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, and pre-existing conditions need not hinder your travels when you have a little bit of planning and a few tips. As we travel through life, our pre-existing medical problems follow us wherever we go. Getting your travel plans in order is the best way to ensure that you enjoy your trip to any place in the world. Please apply for a Canadian medical insurance policy while visiting family and friends in Canada if you are a parent or grandparent traveling on the Super visa category.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions with Super Visa Insurance depends on the individual’s pre-existing condition and the policy’s terms and conditions.

Some companies offer plans that cover pre-existing conditions as long as they have been stable for three to six months before you leave your home country. Some pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Understand all the policies, terms, and conditions, including any exclusions, by reading the entire policy.

Only some of the available plans cover pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc. Other policies cover stable pre-existing conditions but have rules about who they’ll cover (for instance, no coverage for cardiac implant use, oral steroids for lung conditions, stroke, blood clot, congestive heart failure, and heart murmur).

A supervisa insurance policy for diabetic parents

Feel secure even if you are traveling to far and wide locations if you follow the simple tips stated below! Make the right preparations, and you should minimize any potential problems and have a safe and enjoyable trip. Your diabetes care routine should travel with you.

Staying Healthy!
  • You can affect what you eat, what you do and the time zone you live in by changing what you eat, do and when.
  • If you plan to travel, it is advised to consult a physician before increasing your physical activity.
  • Wash often hands with soap and water.
  • Take care of your feet. Never go barefoot near hot pavements or sand, and always wear shoes.
  • Stay up-to-date with immunization records. helped many Suepervisa hunters find the best and affordable rates even their parents had pre-existing medical conditions. Our experts will help you pay less for Supervisa Insurance for your Parents. Why don’t you use our get instant quote calculator to test us? Enter your parents’ necessary information such as age and arrival date and get instant quotes from all the supervisa providers. Our unique search engine will sort the rates for you. If you would like to pay monthly for supervisa Insurance, you will have the options; few supervisa insurance providers offer monthly plans for Supervisa insurance.

Give us a call at 289-619-5500 if you need any assistance with a quote or need to discuss pre-existing medical conditions.

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